Realistic color pencil illustrations of Bullfrogs.
Winged Creatures
Realistic illustrations of winged creatures including an African penguin, African crane, Cardinal, Blue Jay, flying foxes, atlas moth, and wetland birds.
Coyotes - Canis latrans
Illustrious paintings and drawings of coyotes using color pencil, acrylic glazes, gouache and chalk pastel.
Botany Illustrations
Realistic Illustrations of Botany Specimens in color pencil.
African Mammals
This series of African animals is drawn using the same nine colors of color pencil for each drawing, varying the amount used and application of the colors to create nine individual portraits.
Rainbow Dinosaurs
Color pencils drawing of reconstructed dinosaurs with smooth monochromatic skin.
Educational Illustration Layouts
Educational designs rendered with both traditional and digital media by scanning and manipulating pencil drawings. Topics include walrus skin, laser eye surgery, seed dispersal, and invasive species of plants.
Dreadnoughtus schrani - Skeletal Reconstruction
Through an informal internship with Dr. Matthew Lamanna at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, I was guided in digitally drawing a skeletal reconstruction of a new Titanosaur species. Collaborating scientists provided me with images, measurements and descriptions of the fossils as well as informative lessons on previous Titanosaur publications.
Sarris Jungle Mural
I was requested to create a realistic jungle scene for the archway to the children’s section of my hometown’s public library. The Installation consists of 63 detailed illustrations of tropical animals rendered in color pencil. The animals were sized to scale within a hand-drawn jungle background, which was assembled as a complete image in Adobe Photoshop. The printing and installation of the piece was donated by Printscape Imaging and Graphics. This permanent installation was donated in memory of local entrepreneur and community benefactor, Frank Sarris of Sarris Candies.
Large Scale Entomology
Realistic illustrations of insects drawn at a large scale on illustration board.
Hominoid Facial Reconstruction
I created this Facial Reconstruction Project for the Discovery Room of Carnegie Museum of Natural History. I then used the drawings in a design board with a fossil map and time period key.
Black and White Works
Black and white illustrations in graphite pencil, pen and ink, scratchboard and mixed media.
Family Portrait - Article Layout
Article layout and illustrations about our ancestral mammal.
Pages of My Sketchbook
Scanned pages from my sketchbook from composition experimentation to field sketching and plein air watercolor paintings.
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